The City of Duvall Cultural Commission works to preserve and expand the artistic and cultural heritage of Duvall to achieve a unique and cohesive community identity and strong economic vitality. Our activities include financial support, promotion, and assistance with events related to the arts, culture, and heritage in the greater Duvall community. 


The Duvall Cultural Commission is a City of Duvall, seven to nine member commission. Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council to serve a three year term. DCC is an all volunteer organization staffed by the Community Coordinator. We offer programs and events in all forms of art and heritage and make recommendations to the City Council on public art policy.  


Position 1: Josh Long
Position 3: Brittany Baughman
Position 4: Betsy MacWhinney
Position 6: Whitley Kemble
Position 7: Denny Redman
Position 8: Vacant
Position 9: Vacant